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Get Involved as a Corporate Sponsor

Sponsorship Benefits

Value for Corporations and Businesses
  • Opportunities for senior executives as keynote speakers at National and/or Regional Conventions

  • Talent recruitment, development and retention of high‐potential student members and professionals utilizing Ascend networks

  • Diversity enhancement by augmenting Employee Resource Groups (ERG) with Ascend best practices and programming

  • Brand enhancement and recognition from community and workforce for proactive leadership role in supporting Pan‐Asians, with Ascend as the external partner of choice

  • Business growth and opportunities through relationships and access​

  • Exposure to different industries/verticals through corporate networks

“Companies benefit because they get more engaged, motivated, and better performing associates as a result, and they improve their communication skills, their networking skills… It leads ultimately to a better America because you produce better leaders.  That is what Ascend does, and I think it really accomplishes its mission.”

– Michael Fung, Former VP and & CFO, Wal‐Mart & Ascend North Texas Executive Advisor

Sponsorship Benefits

Value for Corporate Professionals
  • Access to state‐of‐the‐art leadership and professional development training for career enhancement

  • Leadership development and progress to further opportunities

  • Networking with senior executives and peers across industries

  • Career advancement by mentoring programs and access to sponsors

  • Recognition for outstanding involvement at various conferences and events

  • Developing a deeper cultural understanding for managers and mentors of Pan‐Asians

“We really wanted to bring the whole community together – and when I use that word community, I really mean across generations – so if you think about the things we are doing for the students, all the way to the people who are at the pinnacle, or top of their career, where they are retired or they are looking for Board seats, we really wanted a mechanism to do something for all of those communities.”

– Anna Mok, National Managing Partner, Deloitte; Executive VP, Ascend


“It’s been more about giving back for me, so the opportunity to really be on various panel discussions whether at the National Convention or local events, or doing mentoring of individuals, has been really rewarding for me.”

– Jay Chopra, VP of Enterprise IT Sourcing & Supplier Management, Johnson & Johnson; Past President, Ascend NJ

Click here for a full list of Ascend’s corporate sponsors.

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